Between bath and bed…

I love the first few evenings after the clocks go forward and it really feels like Spring has arrived.  The sun sets at the back of our house, and the most beautiful light streams in through Lola’s little bedroom window and the bathroom onto the landing.  I take full advantage of it whenever I can.  This little post is all about the magical time between bath and bed…

…the way the light catches the edges of her long, tangled curls, showing off the gorgeous chestnut hint that usually remains hidden.

…her skin showing off the gentle curve of her muscles and corners of her shoulder blades.  I know every single freckle and I breathe in her scent at every opportunity.

…the way she will only wear clothes/pyjamas that are the right level of ‘softness’ and how she cries (and screams and stamps her feet) if it’s not exactly to her satisfaction.

…how she stalls going to bed for as long as possible by taking forever to choose a book because she knows I’ll let her read it anyway, even if it’s past bedtime.

…her fierce independence (and five minutes later, her regression to being the baby of the family and begging for help with things that we both know she is perfectly capable of doing)











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