Things I Want To Remember

Let Her Grow

I remember as a child I was desperate to grow up.  I wanted more independence than I was allowed – I begged to be permitted to go on the bus to our local town centre instead of being dropped off by my Mum in the car and I wanted my ears pierced far earlier than the strict…

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The Happy Jar: Revisited

On 1st January last year we started a Happy Jar.  We’d tried before in years gone by and never really made it past more than a couple of weeks before forgetting all about it, but this time I was absolutely determined to keep it going for the whole year.  And so, as the months sped past, any time any…

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Ella: Ten

Earlier on this week, Ella, my eldest daughter, turned ten years old.  TEN! I can’t believe I’ve been a Mum for a decade.  As clichéd as it probably sounds, it really does feel like only yesterday that I gazed down in awe at the tiny ET look-a-like blinking up at me just moments after making…

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