365 Days of Happy: Days 221-230

The last ten days have been easier – there were almost too may happy moments to choose from. I think it helped that I took action – I decided to sit down and write, and managed to publish three blogs in just 12 hours – frantically scribbling down all the stuff I’ve been trying to write about…

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365 Days of Happy: Days 211-220

I’ll be honest – this block of days for my #365happydays project has been much more tricky to post than usual. Some days it’s been hard to find the happy moment. Really hard. There have been some not-so-good days over the last couple of weeks – days where I’ve struggled to see the good bits,…

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365 Days of Happy: Days 191-200

Wow – I’ve reached 200 days of capturing happy moments! Here are the most recent ten days from my #365happydays project (a day later than planned thanks to having tipped a glass of water all over my laptop on Saturday evening, and needing to let it dry out again before I could use it):  …

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