100 Happy Days: Days 11-20

The next instalment of my personal 100 Happy Days project. It’s amazing what you find when you start looking for it…                     I’ll post again in ten days time with the next selection of photos.  I’m loving this project! Feel free to share your happy moments from the…

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100 Happy Days: Days 1-10

Ten days ago I shared with you in this blog post my discovery of a cool little project called 100 happy days. I decided to take part and conduct my own little experiment along the way. Here are days 1 to 10 of my project:                   I’ll…

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100 days of happy

I came across a really cool little website the other day on Facebook: It’s a very simple idea that really appealed to me – every single day, for 100 days, take a photo of what made you feel happy that day. Quite apart from the fact that it’s a photography project (and I love…

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