Five minutes with Mimi

My Mum came to visit at the weekend, so while we were waiting for it to be time for me to go and pick her up from the train station I spent some time with Mimi.

I’m sad to say that it’s rare that we get one-to-one time together – being the middle child means that her big sister Ella has always been there since the day she was born, and then by the time Ella was old enough to go to school, her little sister Lola had arrived and so she still didn’t get to have me all to herself.  Spending more time with her, just the two of us, is something I’m working on.

We picked her name – Imogen – months before she was born.  It means ‘image of her mother’ and I don’t think we could have chosen a more appropriate name for her.  Many people comment that she looks like me with her blue eyes and freckles (though she is far more beautiful than I could ever possibly hope to be), and when I look at these pictures of her I can see my Mum in her too.  We’re similar in temperament as well – we both have lots of energy and a fiery temper.

When Imogen was born Ella was only 17 months old.  When we introduced them to each other for the very first time Ella tried to say ‘Imogen’ but it came out as “Mimi” instead and it kind of stuck – from then on she became irreversibly known as Mimi.

These shots were taken in our bedroom – it gets flooded with the prettiest light in the mornings – while she was hanging out with me as I sorted out some washing (such a glamorous life I lead!).  She was laughing at her Daddy making faces at her from the landing.  I love these photos because they are so natural and unposed – I was just capturing her doing what she does best.

She can behave in incredibly challenging ways a lot of the time, and we clash often & loudly, but honestly I wouldn’t have her any other way.  There is a spirit to her, a spark, that makes her exactly who she is – my funny little firecracker who is fiercely independent, creates all kinds of crazy inventions, loves football (and would live in her beloved LFC football kit if she could), says precisely what she thinks without holding back and has a very big heart full of love.










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