It’s a ‘twin-thing’

My two eldest girls are seventeen months apart in age – I discovered I was pregnant with Mimi when Ella was just eight months old.  There is currently only an inch difference in height (though they’ve both been growing like weeds over the summer holidays!) and they are separated by one school year, but even so I’ve lost count of the number of times people have asked me whether they’re twins.

Sometimes, they hate it (and each other).  Sometimes they love it.  I guess that’s the nature of having three – the dynamics within this trio of girls is constantly changing and evolving.  Two out of three tend to stick together with the third going off on their own, and then, like a costume change at the theatre, they switch parts and a different one chooses to do their own thing while the other two become closer again.  Then, anywhere from five minutes up to even a few days later, they swap around again.  It can be exhausting and frustrating trying to keep up with who is friends with who in any given moment, but it’s also one of the things I love most about having three – watching their individual and completely unique relationships with each other grow and develop and deepen as the days go by.

At the moment Lola (the littlest) is pretty much permanently attached to me – she’s constantly holding my face and giving me kisses, tapping me on the leg to tell me she loves me, snuggling onto my lap at every opportunity.  The only exception is when she’d engrossed in doing a jigsaw – her favourite thing to do.  And Ella and Mimi are going through a phase of being particularly close.  It’s a welcome change as when they’re not so close they fight like cat and dog and it drives me crazy.  Seriously.  They can’t even look at each other without it erupting into an argument.

They’ve recently picked up on the fact that people ask me whether they’re twins and have started finishing each other’s sentences, linking arms and saying “It’s a twin thing!” whenever they accidentally-or-on-purpose do something in synchronisation.  It’s pretty cute.

I’m taking full advantage of it as when I was a little girl I always imagined myself as growing up to be a mummy of twin girls.  Obviously that never happened and so this is as close as I’m going to get and that’s fine with me.

These are pictures of them from the day Mimi was born up to now – I love looking at them as it really documents them growing up together, the same but different, sisters, ‘twins’, best friends.

(You can also see how my photography has improved over time!  At the start I was just using a standard compact point and shoot and in 2013 I got my first DSLR.  I’ve since upgraded that one as well and now shoot fully manually – you can really see the difference it makes!)

Ella & Mimi #3

Ella meeting her baby sister for the first time – look at those faces!



Mimi was about 15 months old here I think, so Ella would have been about two and a half (ish)

Looking cool 3

Fun in the sun

Double trouble

Mimi and Ella on the beach

On holiday in Spain


In their costumes for the Christmas play at nursery




Ella’s first day in Year 1 and Mimi’s first day in Reception at school



Matching gappy teeth!


A comforting cuddle




A supportive arm


My best friend came to stay at the weekend and brought face paints with her. The girls insisted on having opposite eyes done so that when they stood next to each other it made a picture in the middle!

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