New hair-dos

Every six months or so the girls and I go to our lovely hairdresser to get our hair cut. We’ve been going to her for years now, and she’s brilliant with the girls as well as having a wonderful ability to (temporarily) tame my unruly hair. It’s a tiny little salon and we can be a little bit, ummm, noisy and energetic at the best of times, so I usually make sure I take a snack and a book each for the girls to keep them occupied after they’ve had their turns and are waiting for me to have my own little bit of pampering.

This time there was no need as we were all still feeling under-the-weather from the flu. In fact, our hairdresser commented that it was the quietest she’d ever seen them!

Anyway, as usual she did a great job, so when we got home I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of the girls with their new hair-dos and thankfully they were happy to oblige. Ella just had a trim as she’s growing her hair (this is the longest it’s ever been!), Mimi wanted her fringe put back in and Lola’s curls desperately needed the straggly ends taking off.







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