Project Happy: Days 561 – 570

Somehow we are almost at the end of September. How did that happen?! It’s now less than three months until Christmas (as my girls gleefully remind me on a daily basis) and the girls have settled back into routine at school. Four weeks until half term! (Not that I’m counting of course…)

I still feel like I’m trying to get back in a rhythm with work – I’m getting there slowly. Emails are being answered slightly more quickly than they were and my head is definitely more in work-mode than it has been over recent weeks. Part of me loves the structure of term-time and another part of me really craves the freedom of the holidays. I guess, as with everything, it’s all about balance.

Here are my happy moments from the last ten days:

InstagramCapture_db21f32f-87e4-4c0e-b39c-3dfcd98cc881Day 561:  I arrived home from London and didn’t have time to go to the supermarket for supplies before picking the girls up from school.  So they had pancakes for tea and declared it the best day ever.

DSC_2579Day 562:  We’ve had visitors all weekend – friends from America that we haven’t seen for two years.  We spent the afternoon exchanging news and photos – there was so much to catch up on that it extended into the evening too.

DSC_2620Day 563:  We headed into town to the bookshop because Ella wanted to spend her pocket money on a new book.  The other two had just enough pennies to buy a mini wind-up dinosaur each.  It turns out that racing them in the park is quite good fun 🙂


DSC_2626Day 564:  It’s been wonderful spending time with this lovely lot before they head back to the States.  A whole year until we see them again, so we made the most of it while they were here.


Day 565: The only way to kick off a new week is to have an early morning kitchen dance party with the girls to my current favourite song…


InstagramCapture_86ebb7b8-4228-41d6-a1f3-d576f703df35Day 566:  A quiet day and I felt the need to be outdoors, so I headed up to Stafford Castle to see if the trees had put on their Autumn coats yet.  They haven’t – it was still lovely and green, and the half hour of peace and time on my own worked wonders.


DSC_2646Day 567:  A gorgeous sunrise from the train on my way down to London this morning – I love September.


InstagramCapture_d020f259-1c8b-4fb4-9f81-21cf097207c0Day 568:  Managed to squeeze in a half hour amble around the Inner Circle of Regents Park in between clients.  Fresh air, sunshine and beautiful colours – just what I needed.

DSC_2679Day 569:  Ella has had a bit of a tough week at school – her best friend was off poorly for a few days and some of the other girls in her class are being a bit mean to her.  So she was thrilled to receive this certificate at the end of the week.

edited_1443292416254Day 570:  Date night with the husband!  We bought tickets to see Michael McIntyre 18 months ago, and as we only get to go out a few times a year, we make the most of it.  Of course we had to have a selfie for the occasion!


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