Project Happy: Days 571 – 580

20150927_152159-1Day 571:¬† A lovely sunny Sunday, so we headed to Trentham Gardens for the afternoon ūüôā

DSC_2796Day 572:  A beautiful sunset

DSC_2799Day 573:  The girls have recently discovered Strictly Come Dancing.  They put on their sparkliest dressing-up clothes and waltzed around the room

InstagramCapture_6d6c5c80-29e5-4232-a474-5480831c6f0eDay 574:¬† I didn’t have to stay overnight in London this week.¬† Got home and discovered my gladioli¬†(current favourite flowers) have bloomed!¬† I love flowers, they make me happy ūüôā

InstagramCapture_4c430aa5-3397-4602-93c8-7d48c999e719Day 575: When Daddy does bathtime – when I saw I’d captured this expression I laughed for ages

DSC_2823Day 576:  I took the afternoon off and went for a walk in Cannock Chase, to the Stepping Stones.  The colours are just starting to turn and the sunshine was glorious.

DSC_2843Day 577: ¬†Ella and her best friend Lexi.¬† These two girls have had a bit of a rough time at school recently, with some of the other girls in their class being mean to them.¬† Lexi’s Mum took them out to the cinema for a treat and Ella was so excited – she didn’t stop smiling all day

InstagramCapture_5bec6817-8da0-49d6-a0ff-1031b00e1128Day 578:¬† Look at those eyelashes!¬† I really can’t believe I made¬†three such beautiful¬†beings.

Day 579:¬† The girls keep asking for this song on repeat.¬† It’s got me through a couple of tough days recently, so I’m happy to oblige

DSC_2844Day 580:  I love these trees.  I have no idea what they are, but I love the way they gradually change colour, starting at the top on one side and then working their way down and round, like a helter-skelter of fire.  I walk past these ones every day and every day I marvel at their beauty

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