Project Happy: Days 621 – 630

We are now a month away from Christmas and I’m really not feeling in the festive spirit at all yet, even though we had our first Christmassy adventure at the weekend (see Day 626 for more about this). December is always a super-busy month with lots of activities going on at the girls’ school, several birthdays to celebrate, clients wanting extra sessions in the lead up to what can often be a difficult time of year, visits from family and friends, plus getting organised for Christmas itself. For the most part I love it, though occasionally I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed and ‘stressy’. Focusing on #projecthappy keeps me a bit more grounded and for that, I am grateful.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

DSC_3021Day 621:  A pretty sunrise to start the week

D2X_2755Day 622: Ella’s class have been focusing on bullying recently and one of the exercises they did today was to write compliments about each person in the class.  This was the list that Ella’s classmates wrote about her 🙂

D2X_2304Day 623:  Feeding the squirrels in Regents Park

D2X_2467Day 624:  This cheeky one brightened up my day no end when she randomly threw her arms around my neck and whispered “I really, really love you Mummy” in my ear

D2X_2754Day 625:  Months ago I managed to dislodge the diamond from my engagement ring.  Finally got it back from the jewellers today and feeling so much better to be wearing it again.

D2X_2559Day 626:  Spent the morning together as a family at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge.  We saw baby reindeer, went to Elf School, visited Santa, drank hot chocolate, had an elf read us a story by the fire, decorated gingerbread reindeer and had a sleigh ride!  Making memories with the girls is so important to me.  Most of them are ordinary everyday things like little things I say to them every evening when I kiss them goodnight, or baking together.  But just occasionally, these bigger adventures we go on together are so worth it 🙂

D2X_2720Day 627:  Husband got called into work to deal with an emergency after only 3 hours sleep, so we left him to snooze on the sofa in the afternoon and visited friends that we haven’t seen for ages

DSC_3033Day 628:  Finding this little message on the fridge

Day 629:  When they’re little, children often mispronounce words.  Lola has always said ‘vallilla’ instead of ‘vanilla’.  Tonight we all found this particularly hysterical 😀 #tuesdaynightgiggles


Day 630:  A coffee/hot chocolate date with a client I finished working with back at the start of the year.  Tomorrow she moves to the other side of the world with her husband to start a new adventure and I’m so pleased we were able to catch up with each other before she goes.

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