Project Happy: Days 631 – 640

I know I say it every time I post but these last ten days seem to have flown by even more quickly than the last few have. We are now officially on the countdown to Christmas and I can’t wait to have some time off with the girls. It’s going to be interesting this year with a new addition to the family (see below) and I’m determined to stay focused on it being the little things that make Christmas magical.

D2X_3226Day 631:  Mimi’s class’ turn to talk about bullying and to write positive things about each other.  She was so thrilled to find out that she’s a good friend, good at maths and good at football!

D2X_2464Day 632:  Back in London today (even though it’s a Friday) to have a therapy session of my own.  More about that in a later post.  Having the chance to walk through the beauty of Regents Park afterwards to clear my head and reflect on the things we worked on really helped

D2X_2834Day 633:  We have Sophie for the weekend and that means everyone is happy.  Words can’t explain how much I love my crazy little tribe

D2X_2925Day 634:  An exciting day!  Today we introduced a new member to our family.  Meet Pumpkin – he’s ten weeks old and though he’s tiny in size he more than makes up for it in personality.  We’re all in love with him (even my husband, though he’ll deny it if you ask him!)

D2X_3220Day 635:  The 1st of December! Much excitement this morning when the girls realised the advent calendar was up 🙂

D2X_2935Day 636:  Sunset

D2X_2938Day 637:  Headed to Covent Garden on my break today to see the Christmas lights

WP_20151204_09_01_21_ProDay 638:  It’s always a good day when you see a magnificent rainbow like this on the morning school run

D2X_3009Day 639:  A Christmassy day – I visited the Christmas Tree Festival I go to every year and it was the girl’s school Christmas Fayre this evening.  Not quite in the Christmas spirit yet, but I’m trying!

D2X_3128Day 640:  My oldest daughter turns 9 in a couple of days time and today was her ‘party’.  She wanted her best friend to come round for a pampering afternoon, so we did face masks, nail polish and a foot spa, watched a DVD and ordered pizza for tea.  She declared it the “best birthday party ever” 🙂

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