Project Happy: Days 671-680

I always find January to be a bit of a dreary month – it feels like ages until summer, the weather is cold and grey and we don’t really have anything exciting planned to look forward to.  Even so I’m finding that this project is (still) continuously helping me learn that there is still always something joyful in every day if you look hard enough. Life is what you make it – I’m choosing to look for the good stuff.

Here’s what I found:

D2X_4168Day 671:  A beautiful sunset this evening.

D2X_4145Day 672:  First day back at work in London and I was in my office before sunrise.  This is the view out of the window from my therapy chair.  It’s good to be back.

D2X_4155Day 673:  First yoga session of the new year and oh boy did I need it.  Focusing on me, stretching & moving and peace & quiet.  Bliss.

D2X_4204Day 674:  Super-exciting delivery this morning (with happy-go-lucky delivery driver as a bonus) = the arrival of my Gratitude Journal!

D2X_4213Day 675:  A trip to the library this morning to stock up on yet more books to read (they’ve already finished all the ones they got for Christmas!).  Mimi was delighted to find the sequel to her most favourite book in the whole wide world.  This is her reading it whilst wearing her other two most favourite things – her Liverpool Football Club kit and her Harry Potter glasses 🙂

D2X_4276Day 676:  Today the sun came out for the first time in weeks and it’s Sunday which means family day.  As a result I dragged everyone out for a long walk over Cannock Chase to blow away the cobwebs and felt soooooo much better for it afterwards 😀 (Plus the light was beautiful, so I was able to get some lovely photos).  Happy Chloe 🙂

D2X_4342Day 677:  Cheerful tulips to brighten up a grey Monday morning

D2X_4346Day 678:  This one came home from school poorly with a rotten cold, so I pretended to work whilst we snuggled on the sofa and watched Harry Potter movies together 🙂

D2X_4360Day 679:  Stunning sunrise this morning as I arrived in London

Day 680:  Bought James Bay’s album as a Christmas present for my husband and it has ‘somehow’ managed to find it’s way into my car (oops).  Current favourite song.

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