Project Happy: Days 691-700

D2X_4583Day 691:  An absolutely gorgeous sunrise this morning.  A good way to start the week 🙂

D2X_4458Day 692:  Early morning artwork from Lola.  This is all six of us (Mummy, Daddy, Sophie, Ella, Mimi and Lola) in our house with the sun shining 🙂

D2X_4634Day 693:  Thoroughly enjoying reading this on my train journeys to and from London at the moment.  Defining my ‘quest’ even further.

D2X_4589Day 694:  The final day of my house looking like this!  (This is the kitchen).  For the last two weeks I have spent every morning and evening moving furniture, cleaning, sorting and decluttering and I am knackered.  Very much looking forward to unveiling lovely clean white walls and letting the light back in – the chaos and disruption will all be worth it.  (Plus, Alan, the decorator, laughed all day every day to the shows he listened to on the radio – his chuckling brought joy to my days)

Day 695:  Friday evening pre-bedtime ponderings of a newly six-year old.  “Can I move my eyebrows Mummy?”.  We were all in fits of giggles!

D2X_4640Day 696:  Saying yes to blowing bubbles indoors

D2X_4672Day 697:  Catching my budding little photographer in action taking a photo of her Daddy 🙂

D2X_4700Day 698:  Creating my own sunshine with gorgeous orange roses

D2X_4193Day 699:  At the end of last week I noticed that Pumpkin had hurt one of his hind legs – he was hopping and limping on it.  We took him to the vet who said he needed X-Rays.  So today my little kitten went in to have a general anaesthetic so the vet could figure out what’s wrong.  It turns out that he has a misaligned pelvis and a dodgy hip (from birth), and as a result his kneecap is completely out of place and his knee keeps on dislocating.  So he’s booked in for surgery to move his kneecap back into the right position on Thursday.  Today I’m just happy to have him home, even if he is a little sleepy.

Day 700:  A year ago today was the last time I ever spoke with my Dad before he died.  I plugged myself into my ipod on the train on the way home from London and this was the first song that came on.  Those that know me will understand.  Also, 700 days of happy!

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