Project Happy: Days 731-740

A week and a half late in posting this due to #projecthappy moving home, but never mind!


Day 731:  Reason-I-love-him-#742…when he willingly bakes a cake for his father in law’s 70th birthday.  Oh, and that wedding ring again #love


Day 732:  My girls and I on Mother’s Day (all looking exceptionally tired, but never mind!).  I got given cards (homemade and shop bought, all with beautiful and heartfelt words written in them) and a breadmaker, which I can’t wait to use!  My Mum and stepdad (who turned seventy yesterday), plus my husband’s parents, came to visit for a day of celebrations.  There was pizza, salad, cake, talking, laughing, and plenty of cuddles and photos.  I’m so very lucky to have all of these wonderful people in my life and I’m feeling very VERY grateful for all that I have.  Full to the brim with love – what more could a girl ask for?


Day 733:  A surprise delivery of gorgeous flowers always makes a Monday better 🙂


Day 734:  An absolutely stunning sunrise this morning.  My littlest one woke up earlier than usual and sleepily stumbled into my bedroom just as I peeked through the curtains to snap this shot.  We watched the colours shift and change together, just her and I, while the rest of the household slept – it was a really lovely moment.  On seeing it she exclaimed “Wow, Mummy that’s so awesome”.


Day 735:  My train was delayed by 15 minutes on the way into London and by an hour on the way home (with no seat!) due to flooding.  This book is brilliant (it must be, it kept me awake on the train which is almost unheard of as I get up at 4am) and I’ve got loads of useful ideas from it so far.  I can thoroughly recommend it for anyone who is getting in their own way of achieving the things they want to achieve.


Day 736:  This one’s tooth FINALLY came out today after being wobbly and wonky for ages.  Cue super excitement about a visit from the tooth fairy.


Day 737:  Mum brought me these gorgeous double daffodils when she came to visit on Mother’s Day, and they’re still going strong and looking beautiful five days later.  I know it sounds silly, but fresh flowers really do make me feel happy.


Day 738:  A challenging morning with this one, so I decided to keep this afternoon as low key and uncomplicated as possible.  It all seemed a bit too quiet, so I went to investigate and I found her snuggled up in my office reading to Pumpkin 🙂


Day 739:  We spent the entire day swapping the girl’s bedrooms around and building Lola a brand new cabin bed.  We missed ALL the Spring sunshine (but got to watch a pretty sunset instead).  Look how happy she is!  Totally worth a day of cabin fever.


Day 740:  March is certainly being generous with it’s skies at the moment.  Tonight’s sunset was stunning.

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