Project Happy: Days 751-760

I can’t quite believe that the first half of the Easter holidays is over already and that we’re already into April. How has that happened?! I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a fog for the last couple of weeks because of having the flu, but now that I’m finally feeling better (apart from a bit of an annoying cough), my head is feeling clearer, I’ve got lots more energy and I’m determined to make the most of the second half of the holidays with the girls.

Here’s what we’ve been up to so far…


Day 751:  Good Friday and the sun was shining!  So we took full avantage and headed for the park where we had our first ice cream of the year


Day 752:  As per tradition on Easter Saturday in our household, we made chocolate Easter nests


Day 753:  Easter Sunday = an Easter Egg Hunt!


Day 754:  Easter Monday.  A much-needed quiet day of not doing very much at all.


Day 755 T – This gappy laugh 😀


Day 756:  First day back in London after being so ill.  A glorious sunrise on the way down, a quick visit from my Mum at lunchtime to give me some Easter presents for the girls, and then a spectacular sunset on the way home.  Sadly it’s a rubbish phone photo out of a dirty train window as I didn’t have my camera with me, and the colours actually got even better about five minutes later, but you get the idea.

D2X_6544Day 757 T – This one’s beautiful blue eyes (and the freckles that are starting to emerge thanks to a little bit of Spring sunshine)


Day 758:  I bought my husband tickets to the Gadget Show for his birthday, and today was the day!  We had a great time, he bought himself a new toy (a ‘swegway’) and it was a bit of a novelty being out without any children with us!


Day 759:  Road trip!  All six of us together for a whole week 🙂



Day 760:  Despite the rain showers we went for a walk on the beach and looked for shells and heart-shaped rocks

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