Project Happy: Days 781-790

A photo a day, every day, of the things that bring me joy…

Yet another week has passed us by and we have hurtled headfirst into May. It feels like Spring has only just properly started and yet in a month we’ll be pretty close to summer.   I find that this project really grounds me in the here & now and for that I am grateful as I do have a tendency to overthink yesterday and worry about tomorrow a little too much sometimes.

Here are the things that have made me feel happy over the last ten days 🙂


Day 781:  Sunday silliness 🙂


Day 782: Gorgeous rainbow tulips brightening up a dull Monday


Day 783: Pumpkin had a second operation on his leg today, just three months after the first one. The vet says it went well and he was able to come home in the afternoon. I’d been worrying about him all day so it was good to have him back safe and sound.


Day 784: Reading this on the train today. After just four pages I knew it would be a life-changer.


Day 785: This one was extra-cuddly today 🙂


Day 786: Lola brought home the Class Award and trophy today – she was so proud of herself and has carried it around everywhere with her!


Day 787: Standard April showers (hail and sleet anyone?!) all day meant we spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking cinnamon swirl buns #yummy


Day 787: Rainy bank holiday weekends call for painting and getting messy

Day 788: Rainy bank holiday weekends call for painting and getting messy

Day 789: A family walk through the bluebell woods :)

Day 789: Bank Holiday Monday.  A family walk through the bluebell woods 🙂



Day 790: Taking full advantage of Spring tulip season – these pink and white ones are so pretty!


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