Project Happy: Days 811-820

A photo a day, every day, of the things that bring me joy…

These last ten days seem to have gone so fast! We’re already more than halfway through half term and it feels like we’ve been pretty busy but there have been some lovely lazy morning s and afternoons as well, which is just what we’ve needed.

Here are my happy moments for this latest edition of #projecthappy…


Day 811: Today was this one’s 8th birthday! Celebrations all round 🙂


Day 812: I read ‘Hands Free Mama’, Rachel Stafford’s first book, last year and loved it. I started this one – ‘Hands Free Life’ – today and so far it’s just as awesome.


Day 813: I got to hang out at the photography studio for a little while today to help out with a headshot shoot for an actor 😀 I still have sooooo much to learn so I take every opportunity I get to practice


Day 814: End of term and this one got awarded the Owl Trophy for moving up a group in Maths at school. She has been feeling more and more sad each week as she’s watched all her friends get the award and she was starting to think that she would never get it, even though she works hard. The joy on her face as she came out of school and told me was priceless.


Day 815: A lazy morning hanging out with my tribe (one of whom didn’t want to be in the photo!)


Day 816: A day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon in the sunshine!


Day 817: Mimi has been under the weather for about a week now and a whole day out yesterday left her feeling pretty rough. So we had a lazy day 🙂 They requested smoothies, so that’s what we made – milk, vanilla ice cream (to soothe sore throats of course!) and bananas


Day 818: A visit from my friend Peter, who I met whilst travelling. We bonded over a bungee jump 🙂 I haven’t seen him for 12 years and it was so good to catch up with him and meet his girlfriend and son.  Terrible phone photo, but we were talking too much to sort out a proper shot!


Day 819: We went shopping today. And then, to make peace with those who didn’t want to shop, we played football and went to the park.


Day 820: I had me-time at yoga this morning, and this afternoon we had family-time at Birches Valley and built dens in the woods.

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