Project Happy: Days 851-860

July is always busy for us. School seems to try and cram every possible activity into the last three weeks of term every single year (five years in and we’re just about starting to get used to it) plus there are lots of events that we like to attend as a family as well. These last ten days have seen school projects being completed, family day trips, summer fairs, athletics competitions, class assemblies and picnics in the rain.  Next week brings school trips and sports days.

There are just eight days of actual school left until the end of term (plus a weekend in the middle) and I think we all feel that we’re crawling towards the finish line. Collectively, we’re exhausted. I can’t wait to have six and a half weeks of being able to live more slowly.

But despite being more than a little bit tired, and tempers/patience beginning to wear thin, we’ve had a lot of fun too. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Day 851: A day trip up to Arley Hall and Gardens for their Fairy Tales and Mini Beast Trails fun day (a full blog about this is on it’s way soon!)



Day 852: She worked so hard on this model castle for a school project and she was so proud with the finished result



Day 853: And this one was equally proud of her papier mache bumblebee (also for a school project!)



Day 854: Watching Mimi compete in the District Athletics Competition and seeing her confidence soar



Day 855: A surprise delivery of beautiful flowers from my husband 🙂  Also, it was Lola’s class assembly today about their topic of ‘Kings and Queens and Castles’ – it was wonderful!



Day 856: Watching James Bay live in Cannock Chase Forest on the most beautiful evening



Day 857: Today was the school summer fair and it poured with rain. People still showed up though and everything got moved indoors and the girls had fun. I love it when they have their faces painted – so cute 🙂



Day 858: They love it when I make them cheeky banana smoothies (bananas, milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream). We also went to an event we go to every year – the Teddy Bears Picnic at Izaak Walton’s Cottage. It rained for the first time in four years so we didn’t stay long but we managed to have a bit of fun during the breaks in the weather.



Day 859: I love capturing these quiet moments filled with magical light



Day 860: When we were at Arley Hall and Gardens we planted some wildflower seedlings. Ten days later look what we’ve got! 🙂





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