Project Happy: Days 911-920

A photo a day, every day, of the things that bring me joy.

I’m posting this a couple of days late as we’ve just been so busy I haven’t had the chance to do it before now. Our last few days of freedom before the return to school, so we made the most of them before attempting to settle back into a routine of earlier nights, homework, reading and spellings.


Day 911: Smiley, happy sunflowers 🙂



Day 912: We had a pretty quiet day today, which I think we all needed. I painted the girls nails (blue, with a top layer of glitter for those who are interested!). Even Pumpkin joined in with the slower vibe.



Day 913: The Big Friendly Read summer challenge finished today, so we popped to the library to collect the girls certificates & medals and made some dream jars as well, which the girls loved doing.



Day 914: My Mum came to visit for the day. Usually we stay in as she’s usually only here for a couple of hours but today we decided to head out for a walk so we took her along the canal at Great Haywood and had a cuppa and cake in the café afterwards.



Day 915: The penultimate day of the holidays



Day 916: The final day of the holidays, so we made the most of the freedom by taking a trip to the park with Daddy in the sunshine



Day 917: Back to school! Y2, Y4 and Y5 and all looking far too grown up.



Day 918: A rather glorious sunrise followed by a very necessary yoga class



Day 919: Pumpkin had a bit of an accident a couple of nights ago – he got into a scrap with another cat then fell off a fence and ripped his leg open on a nail. An emergency trip to the vet, an operation and he’s now all stitched/stapled up and is now thankfully recovering well.



Day 920: The Boy has found a new favourite place to sleep 🙂


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