Project Happy: Days 941-950

A photo a day every day, of the things that bring me joy.

It’s been a fairly ‘normal’ time recently. School, work and parenting all continuing to be busy in their own uniquely different, wonderfully challenging and (mostly) rewarding ways.  We’ve been making the most of this gorgeous October sunshine whenever we can, getting out and about at weekends to enjoy the leaves slowly beginning to change colour and to breathe in that chilly, refreshing air.  T-Shirts have been replaced with jumpers, ballet pumps have been exchanged for socks and boots and the girls are starting to look forward to half term.

It feels like a real transition period, and it’s during times of change like this that I feel the need for routine to help me feel grounded and settled.  So this completely ordinary week or so has been exactly what I’ve needed.

Here are the things that have made me happy over the last (distinctly average) ten days…


Day 941: I think it’s safe to say that a certain someone was a *little* bit excited to go to her first ever football training club this morning. Seeing her so happy and lit up brought me so much joy 🙂



Day 942: We promised Lola that we’d teach her to ride her bike without stabilisers over the summer holidays. We took her out once and then promptly forgot all about it. So when she begged to go out late on a Sunday afternoon we couldn’t really say no! She did ever so well and I know it won’t be long before she’s off.



Day 943: A gorgeously calming sunset



Day 944: I LOVE getting proper post (even if it’s something I’ve ordered for myself). Especially when it’s books! Can’t wait to get stuck into these two new additions to my bookcase…



Day 945: Managed to get home from London early today – in time to pick my girls up from school 🙂



Day 946: A little love note from Mimi to Ella: “Dear Ella, you are so weird. I am glad to be your sister”



Day 947: Finished this awesome book. A bit too much God-related stuff in there for my personal beliefs, but definitely something every parent should read nonetheless – some great thoughts and ideas for filling up your child’s ‘love-tank’ that I’ve already started putting into practice (and I’m already noticing a difference)



Day 948: Her second week at football training and she comes home with a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate! The grin on her face and pride she felt in herself made my day.



Day 949: The husband had to work even though it’s a Sunday, so the girls and I went for a long walk to the Stepping Stones to scout out some potential locations for photo-shoots. The weather was gorgeous and we had a really lovely time – I wish we could do it every day!



Day 950: She’s adamant that she doesn’t believe in Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy, but when she lost her 11th tooth today she changed her mind about the last one!


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