Project Happy: Days 951-960

These last ten days have been super-busy in my world, and we’ve been on the countdown towards the October half term break as well. Normally I find that this part of the school calendar really drags but the last six and a half weeks seems to have absolutely flown by.  The girls are tired, but they don’t seem to be as exhausted as they normally are by now, which is definitely a good thing.  I’m hoping that the next half term is going to be the same, but I have a feeling that the run-up to Christmas might be a different story.

I made four trips to London in the space of a week and have spent some quality time with some very dear friends as a result of two of those trips, which has made my heart feel very happy. It’s felt more than a little bit strange being away from the girls so much more than I usually am, and also quite liberating in a way realising that they’re ok without me. (Deep down I knew that of course, but my mind plays funny tricks on me quite often and a part of me always worries that something awful might happen, either to me or to them, while we’re apart. Crazy eh?)

Anyway, the times we have been together we’ve tried to make the most of these lovely sunny days we’re still having (how lucky are we to be having such glorious weather this late into October?!) so we’ve been out and about exploring Cannock Chase some more.

Here are my happy moments from the last ten days…


Day 951: I finished this book in just two days (long train journeys – ha!) and it absolutely blew me away. Read it.



Day 952: I discovered a part of Regents Park that I’d not been to before on my walk in London today. So pretty!



Day 953: This cheeky boy followed me all the way to school when I went to pick the girls up this afternoon. In the end, so he didn’t get squished by a car on the busy main roads, I picked him up and carried him. He received an enormous amount of attention in the playground and the girls were delighted to see him!



Day 954: Today I should have been doing lots of work to prepare for a big conference event that I’ve been in charge of organising, which is happening tomorrow. But I couldn’t settle or concentrate so I took myself off for a lovely long walk in a new part of Cannock Chase that I hadn’t been to before, just me and my camera. And it was wonderful. I came back so much more focused, got loads done and felt tons better as a result.



Day 955: Questival! These people are very wonderful friends of mine and I cherished every minute that I got to spend with them today. Plus, the event got some great feedback and I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief that it all went according to plan!  (A very blurry phone photo)



Day 956: After being in London all day yesterday, I felt the need for fresh air and greenery. Plus it was lovely and sunny so we went for a family walk in the woods and collected leaves, twigs, moss and ferns for Ella’s rainforest homework project.



Day 957: The third trip to London, this time to meet my soul sister Tamarin (who I first met whilst travelling in Australia) to go and hear Cheryl Strayed talk. It was a fantastic evening and I even got to meet her and get my book signed. The real highlight though was seeing Tam – we’ve not met up in about a decade but it was like we’d seen ach other only yesterday. That’s true friendship that is.



Day 958: Pumpkin summing up exactly how I felt today – I didn’t get back from London until gone midnight and then was up at 5.30am as usual. A much needed quiet day of pottering.



Day 959: I met up with my Mum for a cuppa during a break in clients in London today, which was lovely – it’s felt like a while since I’ve seen her. Then, when I got home, I discovered that I needed to be on tooth fairy duty as this one had lost ANOTHER tooth! (I didn’t even know it was wobbly!)



Day 960: Yoga this morning, the girls’ Harvest Festival at school this afternoon (always a favourite of mine) and noticing the littlest one copying out these motivational positive quotes that I have dotted around the house (fridge, noticeboards etc). I especially like her little addition – “Don’t give up” – at the end 🙂



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  • Reply October 26, 2016

    Linda wilce

    I’m being very lazy this morning lying in bed my neck still very sore So I’m catching up on your blog Chloe your life sounds very busy & rewarding!!!

    • Reply October 27, 2016

      Chloe Ridgway

      I’m sorry to hear that you have a sore neck Linda – hope you’re on the mend very soon! Life is busy, yes, but my heart is full and that’s what makes it all worthwhile 🙂

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