Project Happy: Days 971-980

It’s been a bit of a funny old week and a half. We went back to school after half term with a bit of a bang – Mimi was poorly with a tummy bug on the first day back and I had a mad-busy week with work AND we had builders in all week transforming our garden after eight years of it looking awful. We’re on a mission to get the house sorted and looking how we want it, so it actually feels like more than a home, and so we’re going to be having lots of things done over the next few months. We’ve been umming and ahhing about whether or not to move for so long that I think I ended up feeling a bit in limbo, never really sure whether we’d be staying or leaving and so we didn’t bother to do anything nice with it because there would be no point if we moved.

Anyway, the rest of the time it’s just been life as normal – trying to balance school, work and home; trying to get my head around all the birthdays I need to plan for (and Christmas) and trying to keep up with the rollercoaster of emotions that my girls seem to be on at the moment. Here are my happy moments from in between all the madness…


Day 971: Halloween, the first day back at school after half term, Mimi threw up in my hands when I woke her up to get ready for school and the builders arrived to transform our garden – what a start to the week! Within an hour our garden looked like this and I am soooo excited to see it when it’s all done. I’ve hated our garden since we moved in 8 years ago – I can’t wait for it to finally look how I want it to.



Day 972: Happy that this one is feeling much better today after being so poorly with a tummy bug yesterday



Day 973: Gorgeous Autumn colours in Regents Park in the sunshine



Day 974: An absolutely terrible photo (wrong lens, wrong aperture and you can’t even see all of it!) but I don’t care because our garden is finished! New patio, new turf, borders that I can fill with pretty flowers, a trellis to hide the ugly bins and new fencing. Happy Chloe 🙂



Day 975: Happy yellow roses in my kitchen



Day 976: Bonfire night. We didn’t manage to get to a fireworks display tonight, so we had sparklers in the garden instead after an afternoon at the cinema watching ‘Trolls’



Day 977: A photo-shoot with my friend and her two gorgeous kiddies this morning, and my Mum coming to visit this afternoon = a really lovely day



Day 978: First frost



Day 979: Treated myself to a new bobble hat! 🙂



Day 980: A little late to the party of fans raving about this book. I read it in one day on my long train journeys to and from London today and oh my goodness it’s brilliantly written! Looking forward to seeing the film when we eventually get round to buying it on DVD.



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