Project Love: 31/52

I started going to a yoga class (Sky Blue Yoga) in October last year and, give or take the odd occasion where we’ve been on holiday or there has been something on at school that I’ve needed to attend, I have been every single week without fail. I love going and honestly believe that it’s kept me sane throughout difficult times.

Every week my girls ask me what poses I’ve learnt in my class and demand that I demonstrate for them so they can have a go too. They’ve actually got pretty good at some of them, I guess because they’re not afraid to have a go and they don’t mind if they wobble- it’s all part of the fun to them.

When my awesome yoga teacher, Claire, announced that she would be running some kids classes over the summer holidays I immediately signed the girls up. They had their first lesson this week – they absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back next week.


31/52: 16.50pm, Tuesday 2nd August 2016

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