Project Love: 34/52

I spontaneously snapped this on my phone whilst out with my girls on Friday. It was a gorgeously warm and sunny day with a slight, cooling breeze. The sort of day that filled my heart and soul in all the best possible ways. Something I’d really needed.

We’d spent most of the morning at our local cattery, visiting with seven teeny tiny kittens that we all instantly fell in love with and wanted to adopt, before spending some time visiting the horse, Honey, that lives there too. Normally the girls are quite nervous around horses but today they were filled with confidence, curiously asking the owner all sorts of questions and lovingly stroking and patting the horse.

We then popped into town to have a browse around our favourite bookshop, Waterstones, making wish-lists of all the lovely things we’d like to buy, before heading home for a spot of lunch.

In the afternoon we found somewhere new to explore and spent a glorious few hours at the Canalside Farm and Shop in Great Haywood, wandering down the canal and picking strawberries (more about this in an upcoming post!).

It was utterly wonderful.


34/52:  11.16am, Friday 26th August 2016

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