Project Love: 36/52

Lola’s nickname is ‘Lovely Lola’. Of the three girls, she is definitely the most cuddly. I think she’d sit on my lap all day given half the chance! She’s constantly wrapping her arms around people she loves, always wants to hold someone’s hand (unless she’s in a strop!) and tells me she loves me at least a hundred times a day (and that’s a conservative guesstimate).

She is also extraordinarily generous with her kisses. Sometimes it’s a little, delicate peck on the cheek. Sometimes (usually when her sisters are the object of her affection) it’s wherever she can plant a kiss before they run in the opposite direction (they are decidedly less kinaesthetic than she is). And sometimes it’s a full on smacker right on your lips.

I captured this photo in the park on our last full day of freedom before the girls went back to school and I love it – it sums up her loving nature perfectly. She has a heart full of love to share and I think that’s a very rare thing these days. I never want her to stop loving so openly – it’s one of the most wonderful things about her and it’s something that the world needs more of.


36/52: 11.45am, Tuesday 6th September 2016

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