Project Love: 45/52

I love this photo of my tribe.  My husband and our four girls, snuggled blissfully on the sofa together posing for a photo.

Looking at it brings back memories from Sunday (which is when this #projectlove post *should* have been published, but we’ll just gloss over that because…life).  The lead-up to this happy, smiley moment was full of the usual grumbles: “Do we HAVE to have a photo Mummy?”;  “I don’t WANT a photo!”;  “Ugh!  Photos are soooo BORING!”.  Incessant pleading from me to sit still, be quiet, look at the camera, smile nicely, stop pulling silly faces, eyes to me, quit messing around and for goodness sake will you PLEASE look at the camera!

Sophie, as always, was brilliant – tickling the girls and cajoling them into smiles and laughter, their bad moods forgotten in an instant.

Literally thirty seconds later the whole ordeal was over with and unanimous cheers went up (including from the husband) as everyone celebrated their freedom by chasing downstairs at top speed to get ready to go out on a quick bike ride round the block before lunch.

I waited upstairs for a minute or two, looking through the shots I’d captured, smiling quietly to myself.  The ones with silly faces, the ones with the frankly ridiculous birthday glasses, the ones where no-one is looking at the camera.  All perfectly imperfect.  All capturing my messy, chaotic, glorious tribe exactly as they are.  I could have chosen any of them for this week’s #projectlove post.  But in the end I chose this one because although it’s not perfect from a technical point of view, when I look at it I remember the love I felt at the exact moment I pressed the shutter.  Love for all of them for putting up with me insisting on family photos every time Sophie comes to visit.  Love for all of them for being themselves and refusing to conform to my idea of what they need to be for the shot.  Love for all of them for saying how they feel and grumbling and moaning and then doing it anyway because they know it will make me happy.

Love for all of them because they’re mine.

(PS: I also love the little thumbs-up from Mimi that I’ve only just noticed!)


45/52: 11.18am, Sunday 13th November 2016

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  • Reply November 16, 2016

    Linda wilce

    Great shot…..lovely family…..happy memories

    • Reply November 27, 2016

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thank you Linda. Really that’s exactly what it’s all about – having happy memories to look back on as time goes on…

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