Project Love: 46/52

I love this photo.

The relationship between these two can be so tempestuous – one minute they’re playing happily and giggling together and the next minute they’re fighting like cat and dog, saying mean things to each other and slamming doors. It’s pretty exhausting trying to keep up with where they are with each other in any given moment. Deep down though I know they absolutely love each other and each would be by their sister’s side in a millisecond if she needed her.

I took this on a walk we went on earlier today – everyone had been grumpy all morning but as soon as we were out in the fresh air stretching our legs everyone cheered up.

I think they look a little bit like twins here in their matching beanie hats, almost identical coats, blonde hair and big smiles 🙂


46/52: 14.42pm, Sunday 20th November 2016

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