Project Love: 48/52

When your birthday falls in the middle of the week the celebrations tend to get stretched a weekend either side, especially when it’s an important birthday such as turning ten.

The fun started on Saturday when I took all three girls plus Ella’s best friend to see ‘Moana’ at the cinema (brilliant film with an awesome message – if you have a daughter take her to see it pronto!) and then got takeaway pizza for tea.

Today my wonderful Mum and Stepdad came to visit for the day and brought up Ella’s presents for her to open a few days early. I already knew what they’d got her and I knew she’d be pleased but I genuinely didn’t expect the complete and utter joy she expressed at what she received. She threw her arms around them and said thank you over and over – I have to admit I got a tiny bit teary-eyed, as silly as that might seem. Seeing her so happy at something so simple, and her being so grateful for it was so wonderful to see.


48/52: 11.47am, Sunday 4th December 2016

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