Project Love: 49/52

Another late post (see my previous Project Happy post for the reason why!), but I figured it was better late than never.

We had Sophie at the weekend as part of the final celebrations for Ella’s week-long birthday.  We put up the Christmas decorations, wrote Christmas cards, went out for dinner, made chocolate orange brownies and generally hung out – it was lovely.

I always get a multitude of groans and eye-rolls when I tentatively broach the subject of taking a few photos but eventually they give in, knowing that I won’t give up.  I fire off a couple of shots and hope for the best – it’s always a wonderful surprise when I get something like this.  I love looking back over all of these same-but-different images that I take every time Soph comes to stay – watching them all grow and change as the months go by, somehow both subtly and dramatically simultaneously – is pretty magical.

49/52:  10.49am, Saturday 10th December 2016

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