Review #2: Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes

This is my second book review on Mummy’s blog. I recently had to do a book review for homework, and I chose Ruby Redfort, so this is kind of a follow-on from that.


TITLE: Ruby Redfort – Look Into My Eyes

BY: Lauren Child


BLURB: Spectrum have come calling, and they want Ruby Redfort to help them bust some of the BADDEST GUYS IN THE BUSINESS. They’re #1 rule: keep it zipped. Lucky for Ruby Redfort, she’s always cool and she can keep her mouth shut…can’t she? There’s only one way to find out.

WHY I LIKE/DON’T LIKE IT: I like it because it’s mysterious and if it was a film, it would have a lot of creepy music. It was very hair-raising, and a little sad at parts, but all the same, it was very thrilling.


PLACES TO BUY: I got my copy from Waterstones in town.

RECCOMMENDATION: I recommend this book for nine to eleven-year-olds. It’s also for children who like mystery and don’t mind a few scary bits.

RATING: 10/10

Now that you’ve read my review, why don’t YOUR kids try it?



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