Project Happy: Days 1001-1010

It’s been a funny couple of weeks. Odd funny rather than ha-ha funny. I managed to damage the USB port in my camera (don’t ask) so haven’t been able to access any images to upload to the blog and it’s been driving me nuts. The girls have been at their most challenging for a long time – constant bickering and fighting – and it’s been pretty emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting. Plus all the usual work and end-of-term/Christmas madness/tiredness.

As a result I’m behind on…everything. And I’m posting this a week late. Sigh. I hate not being on time. And then I remembered that it really doesn’t matter because the moments and the memories are there, it’s still being published and in the grand scheme of things it’s not the end of the world.

So here it is. Imperfect, late, but full of joyful moments from the start of December.


Day 1001: Coming home from London to find this notice stuck on the fridge. Methinks I have two rather enterprising young daughters!



Day 1002: Seeing the girls’ excitement when they saw their advent calendar



Day 1003: A pretty fabulous after-school sunset



Day 1004: Going to the cinema to see ‘Moana’ with this group of giggly girls for Ella’s birthday. We had so much fun 🙂



Day 1005: My Mum and Stepdad came to visit for the day, so we did presents and cake a couple of days early. It was so lovely to spend the day with them 🙂


Day 1006: A pretty start to the week


Day 1007: I only ever buy it at this time of year but it does give me the most enormous amount of pleasure to look through the Christmas double-edition of the Radio Times marking all the programmes and films we want to watch!


Day 1008: Ella’s 10th birthday!


Day 1009: Mimi decided she wanted a box to keep all of her ‘special things’ in. She raided the recycling box and found a shoe box. Ella let her use some ‘jewels’ from a crafting set that she has. Seeing the two of them work on this together was so wonderful as recently they’ve been fighting like cat and dog constantly.  And I felt happy that I’d said “Yes” to them doing this – normally I would insist we waited until the weekend instead of doing it before school, but they had so much fun I realised that I need to say yes more often.


Day 1010: Cuddles with this sleepy boy


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