Project Happy: Days 1011-1020

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house…children were struggling with end-of-term tiredness, Mummy was struggling with trying to get everything done and Daddy was struggling with stress at work. But despite all of this we’ve managed to have lots of fun and festive family time together, and that has made all the difference 🙂

Here are my joyful moments from the last ten days…

Day 1011: The Ridgways ‘do’ Christmas! Decorations up, music on and silly hats and glasses galore 🙂


Day 1012: A post-lunch bike ride around the block


Day 1013: A Monday where it felt like it didn’t really get light at all, so after school they donned their snuggly onesies and we curled up together to watch ‘Home Alone’


Day 1014: Watching Lola play a sheep in her last ever nativity play *sob*


Day 1015: This view of the sunrise at my office in London


Day 1016: At the weekend we made these INCREDIBLE chocolate orange brownies and today I managed to have some myself (before everyone else scoffed them all). Heaven. For recipe see link at the bottom of this post.


Day 1017: I ordered some Christmas presents for my best friends and this was in the box they arrived in. Says it all really. (I’m going to frame it).  Also, today was the last day of term (hooray!) AND Christmas Jumper Day at school 🙂


Day 1018: A much-needed lazy afternoon


Day 1019: Today we visited Santa at Trentham Gardens Garden Centre 🙂


Day 1020: On a whim a few days ago, I bought a set of selfie props so we had fun this morning playing around with them all!

For those interested in the recipe for the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Brownies, you can find it here.  Utterly divine.  Give them a try – you definitely won’t regret it!





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