Project Happy: Days 1021-1030

Christmas Week! A festive installment of #projecthappy today. I can’t quite believe that it’s already all over – it took me ages to feel even a little bit Christmassy (not until the evening of Christmas Eve if I’m honest) and now suddenly it’s been and gone and finished and we’re all already turning our thoughts towards the year ahead of us.

Putting this post together was actually a rather lovely thing to spend time doing as it showed me that in between the inevitable bickering between sisters and tired emotional outbursts we’ve had some wonderful time together making memories.

Here are some captured moments of the fun we’ve had…

Day 1021: The husband’s birthday. He spent the vast majority of it at work so we worked extra hard to make sure the bit of time we got to spend with him was special.


Day 1022:  My last day of London client work and listening to Christmas songs on my ipod on the train on the way home.  This one has always been a particular favourite 🙂

Day 1023: A trip to the park today and on our way home Mimi tripped and fell, landing face-first on the pavement, sending her bottom teeth through her top lip. Blood everywhere, shock and hysterical crying happened and lasted for a while. Once I’d got her home and cleaned her up and the pain subsided a little, I managed to get her to smile again, and then I even coaxed a laugh out of her. This was it and it was magical.


Day 1024: We spent the afternoon building and decorating our gingerbread house, then snuggled on the sofa to watch ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ 🙂


Day 1025: The girls and I went for a Christmas Eve walk and it was EXACTLY what we all needed.


Day 1026: Christmas Day. Enough said.


Day 1027. Boxing Day. This one played for hours on end with her new Sylvanian Families house – she was completely and utterly immersed in it and watching her imagination come to life was just wonderful


Day 1028: A lovely long walk in the woods at Birches Valley


Day 1029: A full house: Sophie; my Mum and Stepdad, the husband’s Mum and Dad. More presents, lots of chaos and noise and laughter. I love this shot of Soph – I snapped it just after she opened her main Christmas present (I think she was pleased!)


Day 1030: Baking chocolate chip muffins (later to be decorated to look like Christmas puddings) with my girls


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