Project Happy: Days 1051-1060

Another ten days have passed on by almost without me noticing.  It bothers me a little because I feel like I can’t have been particularly present with myself or the girls if I can lose a week and a half and have not very much to show for it.  We’ve not really done anything exciting and life has been pretty quiet – it’s just been the regular school-and-work routine.  Maybe it’s a good thing – getting settled and gathering ourselves together before the inevitable busy-ness of Spring arrives.  I’m still finding myself saying “Happy New Year!” to people I haven’t seen this side of Christmas yet and it feels slightly on the ridiculous side of things to be doing so because we’re already almost at the end of January already.

Despite the solemn weather and desire to hibernate I’ve been able to find my moments of happy relatively easily each day.  This is the time of year that I absolutely need it the most.  I often joke that I’m ‘solar-powered’ because I do feel ever so down in the Winter-time compared to Summer when I feel so much better – feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin really does make a difference doesn’t it?  Roll on sunnier days and warmer temperatures!

Anyway, here they are…my joyful moments from the last ten days:

Day 1051: Somehow, roses are even more beautiful when they are aging – their colour deepens and becomes more rich, their petals curl at the edges and they soften into themselves. A simple, but lovely, arrangement of leftover blooms.


Day 1052: The first sunshine-and-blue-sky day for well over a week so I abandoned all pretences of working through my emails and went for a long overdue walk, on my own, in the forest. The light was so beautiful – I love the rays of sunlight streaming through the trees.


Day 1053: Today we braved Ikea. With three children and a teenager, on a Saturday afternoon. Complete madness, but we came away with this desk for her bedroom and she’s utterly thrilled with it.


Day 1054: Sundays are family days.

Day 1055: A cheery bunch of yellow daffodils to brighten up my kitchen


Day 1056: A walk in the forest to clear my head, sunlight streaming through the trees and highlighting to fog creeping through the undergrowth.


Day 1057: Getting home from London in time to be able to see the girls for a few hours. I came home to Ella working on a new story 🙂


Day 1058: This absolutely gorgeous bouquet of flowers (delivered by Bloom and Wild) got sent to me as a thank you from a friend I did a photoshoot for at the end of last year. They made my day!


Day 1059: This note from Lola “I love you know matter what!” <3


Day 1060: They asked to paint. Normally I say no but something made me say yes instead today and I’m really glad I did.


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