Project Happy: Days 1061-1070

Another ten days has passed us by already and we are slowly, gradually, beginning to head towards the start of Spring. I don’t know about you but I am so very ready for a touch more sunshine, a few more glimpses of blue skies and a tiny bit more warmth in the air. My husband jokes that he thinks I’m solar-powered and I think I agree. I feel so much better in the other three seasons than I do in Winter. I am forever grateful that here in England we don’t get the six-foot-overnight snowfalls that certain parts of the USA and Canada get – I’d never cope!

That being said (and I’m sure I’ve probably said it hundreds of times before), Winter here brings it’s own special kind of magic, whether it’s wrapping up warmly to go for an adventure in the woods or snuggling in at home with a good book.

These last ten days seem to have whizzed by once again and it’s felt like I haven’t really got much to show for them – it’s just been school and work as normal. But in the midst of the ordinary are those moments that I so love to capture, the moments that I want to remember forever. Here they are:

Day 1061: On an adventure in Brocton Coppice to find Treebeard and the Ents from Lord of the Rings – some of the trees here are over 1000 years old!


Day 1062: Tulip love


Day 1063: This rather ominous, and quite beautiful, sunset


Day 1064: Arriving home from London to a parcel from a friend – a thank you gift for a photo-shoot I did for her with her children last year. I’ve read two of the books and loved them, so she bought me the whole set.


Day 1065: The Boy patiently asking to go out


Day 1066: This one is re-reading all the Harry Potter books. As soon as she got in from school she lay down on her bed and started reading, and didn’t stop until I called her for dinner. She barely even realised I was taking this photo! I love how much my three love to read.


Day 1067: Taking silly photos together on a Saturday morning and the going to see the Lego Batman movie at the cinema in the afternoon


Day 1068: We went to Rode Hall to search for snowdrops. Not many out yet, but the ones we saw were lovely. It feels like ages since we’ve actually gone out together as a family


Day 1069: A super cold and frosty morning school run, but everyone was happy and in a good mood and playing as we walked


Day 1070: The two-year anniversary of my Dad’s death. It was a beautifully sunny, unusually warm day, so in between meetings I took myself off for a walk in a part of Cannock Chase that I’ve not explored before.




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