Project Happy: Days 1071-1080

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog recently and haven’t posted very much.  I was a bit poorly for a few days over last weekend with a rotten cold (all better now!), the girls have been flagging a lot as we’ve neared the end of this half term of school (it’s felt like a long one even though it’s only just been over the standard six weeks), plus work for both the husband and I has been ridiculously busy and we’ve barely seen each other.  So as a family we’ve not really done much worth writing about and I’ve not had the headspace to put my thoughts about it all down onto paper* (*screen).

This normally drives me crazy – I hate feeling like I’m wasting time and the days are slipping by with nothing to show for them – and, truth be told, I have been getting a little bit antsy not getting out and about in the fresh air as much as I normally like to.  But, this project is the thing that keeps me going.  It gives me a small purpose outside of anything else I do and it gives me something to look back on from the day.

Here are my small moments of joy from the last ten days:

Day 1071: Yesterday my husband bought me these beautiful roses and daffodils as it was my Dad’s 2 year anniversary. Daffodils were his favourite flowers, roses are my favourite flowers and orange was Dad’s favourite colour (and my husband remembered all of that – I’ve definitely picked a good ‘un). They really came into bloom today and seeing them made me happy.


Day 1072: Mimi bought home the Class Award for helping one of her classmates with some fractions. I’m so proud of her! She finds school a bit tough sometimes, but she does enjoy maths – I love that her teacher has noticed her strengths 🙂


Day 1073: My yoga teacher is training in massage and needed case studies to practice on, so I offered myself up! It was my first ever massage and it was utterly blissful.


Day 1074: We had a bit of a lazy morning whilst waiting for my Mum to arrive to visit for the weekend, so the littlest and I played around with taking some photos in the mirror in my bedroom (I’m trying to make an effort to get in the frame more with my girls).  It’s a little bit grainy but I don’t care.


Day 1075: The littlest one earnestly typing up her homework. She took ages, one finger typing one letter at a time. but she persevered and was so proud of herself when she’d finished.


Day 1076: A beautifully sunny day, and a pretty sunset to end it.


Day 1077: Valentine’s Day. A busy day at work for the husband so I didn’t get to see him until much later. The littlest made this card for her ‘boyfriend’ at school though – so cute!


Day 1078: Ella and I made these little valentine chocolate bites together – another recipe from her magazine. They didn’t take long to do and it was lovely to spend a bit of time together.


Day 1079: I found this guy camouflaged among the teddies and couldn’t resist a snap


Day 1080: Sophie arrived late last night for a surprise visit and the girls were so thrilled this morning to see her! I love this shot that I managed to capture – Lola wouldn’t stop cuddling her.


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