Project Happy: Days 1081-1095

It’s been a little bit longer than usual in between recent #projecthappy posts and for once it’s been deliberate rather than unintentional.  The reason being that I’ve made it to THREE WHOLE YEARS of documenting a moment of joy every single day.

Undertaking a 365 project of any kind is a big commitment.  It might not look like it to those on the outside of it, but it takes a huge amount of dedication and motivation to be consistent, especially when you have three children and a full-time self employed job as well as trying to keep on top of all the usual household stuff and grow a blog at the same time.  To have completed three consecutive 365s feels monumental to me and, if I’m honest, I’m pretty proud of myself.

There have been many days where I’ve not really felt like picking up my camera, but I’ve made myself anyway and pushed myself creatively by playing around with the light.  There have been days where I’ve not really been able to find a happy moment and so have intentionally had to create one – that’s ended up benefitting all of us in a way because rather than sinking into feelings of sadness or tiredness or boredom I’ve forced myself to do something that makes me happy, and a happy Mummy equals happier children for sure.

Anyway, the gap in posting is because I want to change how I organise my Project Happy posts.  If I keep going with numbering each of the days they’ll end up in the hundreds of thousands eventually and that seems a little silly, so instead I’m going to document them a year at a time.  This post represents the end of the third year of the project – day 1095.  The next post will start from Day 1 of Year 4.  I can’t wait to get started!

Here are the little moments of everyday happiness from the last two weeks…

Day 1081: Baking chocolate orange cinnamon buns and giggling at how sticky the dough was!


Day 1082: Sophie visiting for the weekend.  Everyone seems happier when she’s here 🙂


Day 1083: The first day of half term and it was pouring with rain, so this giant box of Lego was an absolute lifesaver and the girls had a blast using their imaginations to build all kinds of different models.


Day 1084: I headed out on my own for the day to visit my Stepmum. It was an emotionally tough day but lovely to see her after far too long (and quite nice to be able to read my book on the (numerous) trains in peace


Day 1085: A family day, so we had a chilled out morning reading and then went to the cinema in the afternoon to see the sing-a-long version of Moana, which was ace.  It was so nice to have a week off from travelling to London as well.


Day 1086: Today, we twirled.


Day 1087: The sun finally (finally!) came out to play so I didn’t want to waste a second of it. I dragged the girls out for a walk along the canal and we popped into Canalside Farm on our way back too.


Day 1088: I only get my hair cut twice a year and normally I have to take the girls with me as the husband is usually at work. Today though I had the rare luxury of being able to go by myself! I forgot to take a selfie of it once it was done though, so here’s a photo of our gorgeous boy Pumpkin instead (who I had some lovely cuddles with)


Day 1089: Ella has been desperate for a pair of dungarees for absolutely ages so today I treated her and bought her a pair. She loves them so much and seeing her so happy makes me feel happy too 🙂


Day 1090: Typically, the sun came out of the day the girls went back to school. It did provide us with a rather gorgeous sunset this evening though, so all was forgiven.


Day 1091: Pancake Day!


Day 1092: Loving reading this book on the train on the way to and from London. Mitch Albom is a wonderful, thought-provoking and emotive writer and I always learn something new.


Day 1093: World Book Day at school. L-r: A deliberately very stern looking Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter, Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series and My Naughty Little Sister 🙂


Day 1094: Cheerful tulips brightening up my kitchen


Day 1095: We spent a happy hour looking through the girls’ memory boxes from when they were babies


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