Project Happy: Days 871-880

The first week of the summer holidays seems to have flown by!  We spent it on holiday in Jersey in the Channel Islands and it was exactly what we needed.  Plenty of downtime spent colouring and playing cards and reading, plus plenty of exploring new places and having adventures 🙂  There were so many happy moments for me that it was almost impossible to narrow it down to just one photo per day.

Of course there were still plenty of times where the girls were grumpy due to being over tired or not wanting to go somewhere or refusing to get ready to go out etc… (fairly normal for our three!) which in turn made Neil and I a bit grumpy too but we did our best to shake it off and once we were out and about we were fine.

We had a lovely week together and it was back down to Earth with a bump when we got home, with Neil and I going back to work and the girls going to Kids Club for the day.   Thankfully there are still five and a half weeks of freedom for us to enjoy together.

There will be several blog posts over the next few weeks all about our trip to Jersey, so for now here’s a taster of what we got up to…


Day 871: We arrived for our holiday in Jersey! We were staying in an awesome house that had it’s own hot tub, so the girls lost no time whatsoever before trying it out…



Day 872: A gorgeous sunny day so we set out to explore… The Devil’s Hole, Greve de Lecq beach and Grosnez Castle ruins.



Day 873: Another beautiful day so we visited Corbiere Lighthouse in the morning and had an afternoon at St Ouen’s Beach, which was practically deserted.



Day 874: We really packed things in today – we went swimming at Aquasplash in the morning, then visited Jersey Lavender Farm, had a wander around the pretty town of St Aubins in the afternoon and went out for dinner at The Old Smuggler’s Inn in the evening before watching the sunset on the beach. This is one of the only photos of me from the holiday (I’m always behind the camera) and I love it! Me and my girls 🙂



Day 875: Understandably everyone was pretty worn out after yesterday’s antics, so we decided to have a quiet day with a quick trip into St Helier to look for some souveniers. We ended up walking through a pretty park and wandering along Havre de Pas beach as well.



Day 876: We visited Mont Orgueil castle this morning and went in the hot tub after lunch before having a quick walk through the valley in the afternoon.



Day 877: We’d planned to walk across the causeway to Elizabeth Castle today but misjudged the tide-times, so instead we had a wander along the pier and marina before having a sneaky ice cream and meandering back along the Esplanade. I love this photo of my little tribe – completely unposed!



Day 878: We checked out of our accommodation this morning but weren’t flying home until the evening so we made the most of our final day by spending some time at Durrell’s Wildlife Park. This little guy (who I named Frank) was ace – I love his curly moustache!



Day 879: Being reunited with Pumpkin! He was as pleased to see us as we were to see him 🙂



Day 880: We popped into town yesterday so Ella could pick up her reserved copy of the new Harry Potter book. She finished it this morning, less than 24 hours later! I ‘m next in line to read it and I can’t wait.



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