Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 21-30

A VERY late posting of #projecthappy I’m afraid – I should have posted this on Monday! But I figured that seeing as I created the project I can have free rein to change the rules and give myself a bit of grace when life gets in the way 🙂

This final week of term has completely run away with me and I’ve been frantically trying to get all my work done before the Easter holidays so I can have the whole two weeks off to be with the girls. Despite the busy-ness, it’s been a lovely couple of weeks – sunshine, family and getting outdoors have all put a smile on my face.

Day 21: A happy, sunshiney day involving a trip to the park and the first ice cream of the year 🙂


Day 22: Mother’s Day. I loved all my cards, both home-made and shop bought.  A visit from my Mum and Stepdad, a walk along the canal and a visit to our favourite café made the whole day pretty much perfect.


Day 23: Mimi was exceedingly proud of her 3D water cycle homework project


Day 24: Finally making our back garden a little bit prettier


Day 25: Still enjoying having the opportunity to take the girls to school every other Wednesday instead of being in London the whole day. It might be a chaotic start to the morning, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Day 26: The husband offered to take me shopping today as it was the incredibly rare occasion of us having the whole day off together. (This photo is actually from when we went to see Olly Murs last week but I forgot to take one today so it’ll have to do!)


Day 27: All three girls got AMAZING school reports – top marks in every area and either firmly on target or working above the level they’re expected to be at for their age. So very proud of all of them for all their hard work this term 🙂


Day 28: The teenager’s Easter holidays start a week before ours so she came to stay for the weekend. It’s always a good weekend when Sophie is here.


Day 29: An awesome afternoon in the woods (until Lola tripped over a rock, went flying and ended up with a really deep cut in her side). I love this photo of my little tribe, l-r Husband, Lola, Sophie, Ella, Mimi.


Day 30: A pretty sunrise is always a good way to start a Monday



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