Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 271-280

I feel like I’ve rediscovered my positivity a bit this week, after what seems like a long time of feeling very flat and down. Nothing like birthday celebrations and a bit of snow to boost the spirits hey?

December is always a ridiculously busy time of year and I’m deliberately keeping it relatively low key this season – it just feels like what we all need after an up-and-down few months.  And as a result I’m feeling a little more present with my girls, which is something that’s been missing recently.  It feels better 🙂

Here are my moments of happy from the last ten days…

Day 271: Today we introduced two new members to our little family – Luna and Felix. They’re eight weeks old and utterly adorable 🙂


Day 272: The 1st of December means the advent calendar is up and the excitement at being allowed chocolate at 7.30am is sky-high


Day 273: A quiet Saturday spent writing wish-lists to Santa and making paper chains to decorate their bedrooms with


Day 274: Today we went to see Olaf’s Frozen Adventure at the cinema and it was ace. I didn’t manage to capture a photo though, so here’s one from Florida when we met Elsa in Hollywood Studios.


Day 275: The evening school run sky was pretty special today


Day 276: It is impossible to get anything done around here when there are kittens to play with…


Day 277: These December sunsets are so pretty


Day 278: This one turned eleven today!


Day 279: A sprinkling of snow turned the world white this morning


Day 280: My Mum came to visit today, bringing Ella’s birthday presents with her. We had a quiet and lovely day together. I always miss her when she goes home again. She doesn’t let me put photos on social media very often but I really love this one 🙂


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