Story #3: Frank Panfryer v Crabman

Hello again everyone. Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, but I’m sure you’ve been enjoying Mummy’s posts.

This story is one I wrote last year, when I was in Year 4, and we were doing a lot about sci-fi. We went through lots of planning, coming up with settings, characters, and we had to include a special object as well. I invented a cool pair of wings called the Wingamaniac, which has lasers, leather straps and all sorts of awesome gadgets. My teacher let me take home my English book to copy onto the laptop. I tweaked the original a little when I copied it. Here’s the final result.

Frank Panfryer v Crabman: The Final Battle

                                                                                                                                                                By: Ella Ridgway

Far, far away, bronze stars shone dimly. Below them, the tranquil city of Bookland, Minthe, lay undisturbed, protected by its glass dome. Floating bubbles wafted through the gloomy, yet cheerful sky and murmuring robots strolled around, reciting books to the citizens. All seemed peaceful, until…

HELLO, citizens of Bookland!” the crab bellowed from his pincer-shaped aircraft, “I want your books! ALL of them! So hand them over, or I shall crumble your city to mere space-dust! You have until midnight tomorrow!”

“Never!” the people declared, determined to protect their city.

“You refuse, do you?” Crabman’s eyes glinted with fury. “Just you wait, Bookland! I WILL conquer this repugnant city, even if I have to sacrifice my own WISE followers to do it!”

The people were horrified at this speech. They didn’t approve of murders AT ALL.

Crabman’s spaceship zoomed away, leaving a puff of steam in its wake.

“What should I do to make them surrender?” he thought. “I know…”


“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” the creature shrieked, “HELP!! HELP!!”

“Be quiet, you teeny terror!” Crabman snapped his fingers and a gag instantly plastered itself onto Cookie-Can’s mouths. “You’ll be well-cared for where I’m taking you! NOT!”


15/12/3000                  This week on the                      3 Cookies


Written by Janet Cookie



50-year-old Cookie-Can, Chocolate Cottage, Chip Road, was kidnapped this morning, at 11am, by the horrible villain Crabman, and hasn’t been heard of since. Our love for this jolly, clumsy veteran will never be broken. “My boy,” sobbed 80-year-old Choc-Chip, Cookie-Can’s mum when she was interviewed, “My poor, poor Cookie!  (For more on this devastating news, head to pages 13 and 14.)

Frank Panfryer finished reading the paper. Tears welled up in his piercing green eyes.

“Hazel!” he croaked, “We need to find Crabman!”

Hazel materialised at once.

“Here, sir,” she squeaked, terrified to see her master crying.

Storming out of the hidden Spy Hideout, all traces of tears vanished, he boarded the BOOK 547S, Hazel pulled back the GO lever, and they were off! Frank pondered over what to do.

“Ah, I know…” he smiled knowingly.

A few minutes later (time went extremely fast in space), they floated down to Crabman’s lair. Fraank instantly observed a pair of dangerous-looking, glimmering purple wings lying in the dust. He scoured the lair for Cookie-Can. At last, in a musty, colourless cage, he found a familiar face peering up at him.

“Frank…Frank Panfryer?”Cookie-Can enquired uncertainly.

“Yes, it is I, come to rescue you!” he replied dramatically, in a low voice.

He flourished the wings triumphantly. Fumbling with the leather straps, Frank diligently placed it on Cookie-Can’s back.

“Now flap, flap!” he whispered urgently.

Wobbling slightly, Cookie-Can rose leisurely up and out of the cage. Then he swiftly, but not very gracefully, escaped to Bookland. Frank sprinted back to BOOK 547S and soared after him.

Cookie-Can wasn’t very cautious and as he was gliding over Queen Layla’s palace, he accidently set off a laser, a laser that went straight through the palace, destroying the magnificent building to rubble, and killed the poor queen. This caused great grief among the citizens, as Queen Layla had been a splendid ruler. Despite hearing a BANG, Cookie-Can flew on, not at all informed of the tragic deed he just performed. He landed on a hill on the outskirts of Bookland. It just so happened that that was the hill that Crabman was perched awkwardly (being a crab), plotting his evil plans for the next day. Cookie-Can rolled behind a bush to hide, trembling. He was too late. The villain had heard and seen the veteran coming.

“That goody-goody Frank Panfryer helped him, I suppose,” he spat angrily into the book-shaped grass. “Well, he’ll regret he ever did!”

All of a sudden, he roughly parted the bush leaves and snatched the wings back with such violence that he created two frightfully, now blood-stained pincer marks on Cookie-Can’s wrinkled back.

“Here’s papa, my little Wingamaniac,” he cooed, tenderly stroking the feathers.

At the foot of the hill, Frank had been listening with a murderous look in his piercing green eyes.

NO-ONE messes with MY friends!” he snarled.

“Ah, Frank Panfryer, the…hero,” Crabman mused. “This is our last battle. Either you win, or I win.”

“Fine,” agreed Frank, glaring at the villain.

The battle commenced.

The two fighters stayed hushed, apart from a couple of comments that are so rude I couldn’t put them in this story. They were both equally admirable warriors, so this made them tough to beat. However, Crabman had one advantage: he was immune to tiredness, whereas Frank was just a normal guy (apart from the hero thing), so was NOT resistant to many things.

Crabman attempted to stab Frank in the heart with his pincer, Frank gave a deafening SCCCREEEECH, and…he amazingly blocked it! He speedily whipped out his frying pan that sizzled with poison. He counter-attacked by smacking Crabman continuously in the head until the much-feared crab fell down dead.

Frank mopped his brow. He had no time to gobble dead crab. He strolled over to the Wingamaniac and snapped it neatly into pieces. Frank then dug a titanic hole and buried the wings, just in time for dinner.


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    This was better than I could ever write lol didn’t get to finish it but I thought it was really cool good job

    • Reply February 4, 2017

      Chloe Ridgway

      Thanks Albert. I’ll pass that on to my daughter.

    • Reply April 6, 2017

      Ella Ridgway

      Thanks so much Albert. Sorry you didn’t get to finish it but I’m glad you enjoyed :).

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