Things I Want To Remember

It’s a ‘twin-thing’

My two eldest girls are seventeen months apart in age – I discovered I was pregnant with Mimi when Ella was just eight months old.  There is currently only an inch difference in height (though they’ve both been growing like weeds over the summer holidays!) and they are separated by one school year, but even so…

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The Happy Jar

At the end of every year I see a meme go around on Facebook about starting a ‘Gratitude Jar’. If you haven’t come across this yet, the basic idea is to write little notes about the things you’re thankful for, put them in a jar throughout the year and then open it on 31st December and…

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#32: Go to a gig

Having three children means that our house is constantly noisy.  Giggles and laughter, bickering and shouting, the TV, impromptu Sunday morning kitchen discos… it’s rarely quiet. (I tried to upload a video that the husband took of me dancing with the girls but it refused to load.  Probably a good thing!) And then when the girls…

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