Brand Collaborations and Creative Partnerships


I originally started this blog to document our family’s story: to record our everyday life; our adventures; our milestones and our memorable moments… all the things I want to remember, and all the things I want our girls to remember about their childhood and teenage years once they’re older and have families of their own.

As it’s grown over the last eighteen months and we’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy some really fun opportunities as a family, I’ve realised that working on this blog has become as much of a full-time job as my ‘real’ job as a therapist.  I enjoy the creative side of it so much – the photography and the writing – and it really doesn’t feel like work.


As a family we like to work with brands that we love, who really fit with our values and ethos.  You can find examples of some of the lovely brands we’ve worked with here.

We love to explore new places (both in the beautiful UK and abroad), and getting out and about in the fresh air, teaching our girls about nature, and learning through play and adventure is really important to us.  Positive parenting, encouraging our girls to dive deep into their individual passions and helping them grow into whoever they’re going to be is top of our list of priorities.

We’re open to many different kinds of unique and creative partnerships: product reviews; brand ambassadorship; and family trips & travel to name just a few.  I’m also available for freelance writing opportunities (covering subjects such as parenting, travel, and mental health & wellness) and photography collaborations.


If you think we might be a good fit for your brand and you’d like to discuss further about how we could work together, please email us at – we’d love to hear from you.