Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 251-260

This instalment of Project Happy feels very subdued as we lost our beautiful boy Pumpkin. It’s always tough to find joy when you’ve lost someone or something you love. It is there though.  And this project is proof of that.

Day 251: Possibly the weirdest (and worst!) photo I’ve ever posted on my blog but it makes me happy. Our brand new, non-leaky, non-drippy, non-cracked shower!

Day 252: My Mum visiting, and a lazy afternoon

Day 253: A very sad day as we lost our boy Pumpkin. My husband and I are both devastated. Having him there to support me, and supporting him in return was the only light in a very dark day.

Day 254: I lit a candle for our boy. A friend gave me this lavender and jasmine scented candle when my Dad died, to help me sleep. I’ve burned it every time we’ve lost someone ever since, and today I lit it in honour of Pumpkin after I took him to the vets to be cremated.

Day 255: We’re all grieving in different ways…

Day 256: A useful reminder on a lamppost in London

Day 257: Ella’s best friend (who moved to a different school before the summer) popped round in the evening to give her this card and a box of chocolates

Day 258: I took myself off for a walk on Cannock Chase in the autumn sunshine and it was exactly what I needed

Day 259: A day of celebrations for the teenager’s birthday – sweet sixteen!

Day 260: A beautiful sunrise

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