Project Happy {Year 4}: Days 341-350

We’re halfway through February and half term is upon us. We’re all ready for a break even though it feels like the girls haven’t been back at school for very long. It’s quite astonishing how quickly the time goes when your life is divided into intense six-week blocks.

The weather has been all over the place – fresh snow, arctic winds, unexpected hailstorms, glorious sunshine, freezing temperatures and downpours that drenched you to the skin within moments. Sometimes all in one day! I’m not one to wish the time away – it’s too precious for that – but I’m very much done with winter now and looking forward to spring: warmer weather; lighter days; blossom on the trees and greenery beginning to unfurl from it’s long hibernation. For me, winter is a season to survive whilst spring is a season to wake up and stretch and move.

Despite February being my least favourite month of the year, it’s actually been a really lovely couple of weeks.  Here are my happy moments from the last ten days:

Day 341: First time playing in the garden since last year!

Day 342: A day of much excitement: Valentine’s Day discos at school, plus Lola discovered that a picture she drew and sent in got printed in her favourite magazine and that she’d won the star prize!

Day 343: A weekend in Southampton for my best friend’s baby shower. Very few photos were taken, I was too busy enjoying spending time with her 🙂

Day 344: The kittens got neutered/spayed earlier this week and today is the last day they have to wear the ‘cone of shame’. Excited to be able to take it off and leave it off tomorrow for both of them.

Day 345: Monday morning. We unexpectedly woke up to snow and sunshine, and that automatically makes the school run much more fun.

Day 346: Pancake Day!

Day 347: A beautiful pink and purple sunrise to welcome in Valentine’s Day in style

Day 348: On Thursdays, it’s just me and Mimi after school as the other two both have clubs to go to. That hour is very precious to me – this week we spent it learning all 50 American states for a test she had the following day. As we walked to collect her sisters she put her hand in mine and remarked: “This is nice isn’t it Mummy? Just you and me”. And my heart nearly burst with love that she thinks it’s special too.

Day 349: Happy post! My gorgeous cousin sent me these two books that I’ve been lusting over for ages, completely out of the blue. It was such a kind thing to do!

Day 350: My Mum came to visit for the weekend, and tonight we watched this film whilst my husband was at work. It was such a beautifully acted story about Alzheimer’s, sad and thought-provoking and wonderful all at once.


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