Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 181-190

These last couple of weeks have been a bit tougher than I anticipated, with the end of the summer holidays and the transition back to school. We’ve all had to get used to earlier mornings, a new routine and dealing with all the changes that come with the new school term.  I think we’ve finally found our feet and the girls seem to have settled in ok, so now we’re back to squeezing in adventures at the weekends and making the most of the good weather on days that it puts in an appearance.

My happy moments from the last ten days:

Day 181: We were supposed to be going to watch The Greatest Showman at an open air cinema this evening and ended up not being able to go, so instead we had a movie night at home with blankets and popcorn and sweets and it was ace 🙂

Day 182: Blew away the cobwebs on a sunny September Sunday with a visit to Trentham Gardens

Day 183: The penultimate day of the school holidays. And someone was very happy I said yes to her putting on her unicorn tattoo for her.

Day 184: These two holding paws 🙂

Day 185: First day back at school (and Ella’s first day of high school!)

Day 186: Happy post! Received this little love rock from the team at ‘Create Your Own Happy’ – a book written by my lovely friend that aims to teach 7-11 year olds that they are in charge of their own happiness.

Day 187: A beautiful bunch of flowers from my husband “just because” 🙂

Day 188: A super rainy Saturday calls for building Jenga towers (and brilliant teamwork!)

Day 189: Our favourite walk to the Stepping Stones

Day 190: September skies are my favourite of the year. This sunset was a beauty!

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