Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 191-200

Somehow we are three-quarters of the way through September already.  Autumn has most definitely set in and we’ve pretty much settled into our new school routine now I think.  It’s not been a gentle start to the term though with homework and spellings and times tables galore, sports event and after school club permission slips being brought home every night and Mimi already having been on her first ever week-long residential trip!

I’m doing my best to embrace the chaos, knowing that it’s only going to get more intense over the next few months.  Finding joy in the ordinary, little, simple moments is what keeps me grounded and, as always, I’m grateful for this project for focusing my attention on seeking out those exact things.

Day 191: Got my hair cut for the first time in 18 months!  No-one at home noticed, but it feels so much better. (Phone photo)

Day 192: A bit of a traumatic day involving steroid injections and fainting at hospital, but this happy post arriving more than made up for it. I LOVE getting new books.

Day 193: I love watching Mimi with our kittens. She loves them so much.

Day 194: The end of the first full week back at school is always a cause for a celebration, especially when someone brings home a certificate!

Day 195: Sunrise

Day 196: Felix doing a spot of sunbathing. I love his shadow in this photo.

Day 197: Mimi heading off on her very first week-long residential trip with school. She was so excited, bless her, and really looking forward to all the adventurous things they’d be getting up to.

Day 198: We finally got the girls a desk and chair each for their bedrooms and it was like Christmas had come early – they were so pleased with them and even got on with their homework immediately.

Day 199: “Mama, come and look! You’ll want to take a photo of this one!” She was right 🙂

Day 200: Back to yoga this week after having to miss last weeks class thanks to the fainting incident. It felt good to move.

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