Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 201-210

It’s been a very ordinary few weeks.  Barely any adventures and mostly just keeping our heads down and getting on with all things work and school related.  Even so, this project continues to prove to me time and time again that in the midst of all the ‘normal’ life there is so much beauty and joy to see if we choose to look for it.

My happy moments from the closing days of September:

Day 201: She’s home! A safe return from her week-long residential trip with school, full of stories and smiles. (Phone selfie)

Day 202: The teenager came to stay for the weekend and we had a quiet Saturday. I love this capture of them all snuggled up together on the sofa.

Day 203: Managed to drag everyone out for some sunshine, fresh air, exercise and fun on the rope swings. I love this shot of all four of our girls in the frame.

Day 204: The painted skies of September

Day 205: Lola has a really horrid cough so she stayed home from school today. I’m not happy that she’s poorly obviously, but more than loving all the cuddles we had together.

Day 206: Sunrise

Day 207: Watching Mimi beat her personal best in her first cross country competition run of the season

Day 208: The sunsets at the moment are INCREDIBLE

Day 209: Caught this pretty girl soaking up the sunshine at our bedroom window. And yes, I need to clean them!

Day 210: Mum came to visit for the day and as always it was lovely to catch up with each other and natter and potter about. And then this beautiful sunset finished the day perfectly.

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