Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 21-30

April.  The start of the Easter holidays.  A much needed break from normal routine.  The weather has been rubbish but we’ve made the most of the pockets of dry in between the relentless rain, filling our days with simple and quiet things.  Everyone is tired.  I’m simultaneously craving adventures outdoors and downtime indoors.  It seems we’ve managed to do both.

Here are my moments of joy from the last ten days:

Day 21: A gorgeous, sunshiney family day at Croome

Day 22: Making Easter bonnets with the girls – Mimi loves art and really got into creating hers.

Day 23: The last of my gorgeous thank you flowers looking oh-so-pretty

Day 24: After-school rituals of tea and a book

Day 25: Yoga this morning and this sunset tonight – two moments of joy that I took the time to savour

Day 26: The first day of the Easter holidays so we went to the park in town and played and chatted and it was lovely

Day 27: As is traditional on a bank holiday weekend we wen to the local DIY shop and bought some new plants for the garden after all the snow we’ve had recently killed everything I planted last year.

Day 28: The squeals of joy during their Easter Sunday egg hunt is always such a lovely sound to hear 🙂

Day 29: They only ever get popcorn as a treat if we go to the cinema. I asked if they wanted to watch a movie at home (more rain) and then surprised them with a big bowl of popcorn and they were absolutely thrilled. Sometimes it really is the little things

Day 30: Mimi had a friend round to play and as it was raining we dug out the board games. Pie Face was an instant hit!

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