Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 81-90

A VERY late edition of Project Happy. Half term was such a whirlwind that I wasn’t on my laptop very much and once we got home from our mini road-trip and the girls went back to school I had a ridiculous amount of work to catch up on plus lots of new work coming in.  As a result my head has been full of all sorts of things and time has been rather limited for fun stuff like writing and photography.

I have still been capturing my daily moments of joy though and it’s been lovely looking back at the ones from last week as it already feels like so long ago. That’s one of the things I love about this project – looking back over old posts from the first four years of Project Happy brings back so many happy memories that I would have forgotten all about if I hadn’t captured them on camera and written about them here.

Our happy moments from the end of May:

Day 81: Mimi’s tenth birthday!

Day 82: Watching Lola get presented with a special award in assembly at school for all the hard work she’s put in this half term

Day 83: The start of our mini road trip for half term. The journey was horrendous but staying with family in their beautiful house and gardens more than made up for it

Day 84: A long walk in the countryside, picking wildflowers and spending time catching up on years worth of news

Day 85: The next leg of the journey and we stopped off for lunch at a pub my Dad used to run

Day 86: Playing board games together in our Airbnb apartment during a much-needed lazy (and rainy!) afternoon

Day 87: Stage three of our trip, staying with friends this time, and Mimi was thrilled to be reunited with Rowan, one of their dogs

Day 88: A four mile walk in the New Forest is always good for the soul, especially when you see wild foals!

Day 89: Home! After a super early start and a few hours in the car, playing at the park in the sunshine helped everyone feel better

Day 90: A bud on my rose bush!

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